Friday, February 17, 2012

On target to open

THE fourth and final group of volunteers for the Migombani school for the blind and visually impaired project are on-site and working like Trojans.
Bare buildings are being transformed by the minute as a small army with rollers and paintbrushes swarm all over the site. Inside, hammers and drills announce the hanging of doors and final fixings.
It was a long, hot journey for the volunteers and a long, hopeful journey for the children of the school, but at last we’re almost there and on-track for the official opening on February 24th.
Over the last two years, there were moments when many volunteers felt ready to give up, when fundraising was difficult and only the generosity of those people who supported the events and collections kept us going.
The last time we were here, it was to build a polytechnic for the young people of the Migombani parish and that project seemed daunting when we first saw it.
But this week, back under the Kenyan sun for a second time, we are meeting old friends, seeing children grown tall and it’s like coming home.
The welcome the group got on Thursday, having traveled through the night, restored everyone’s spirits. Feet that were too tired to walk were dancing.
And our motivation, if we need any, is he change we have seen in the children at the school since the last time we were here.  Their excitement is palpable, as we get closer to their being able to move in to their new home. They smile warmly and reach out to touch volunteer’s hands.
When the going gets hot and tough, we have only to look at the plants, which have been selected to be planted around the new building. They were all grown at the polytechnic. Some things just keep on giving.

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