Friday, April 2, 2010

Thank You from Migombani

Hallo people of Ireland,
How have all of you been doing since you left Migombani - Mombasa, Kenya?
I hope and believe that all of you have been well and that you didn't have any problem body-wise for the hard work you did in Migombani.
Anyway, we have been out of communication but I want to break the silence, by saying that we were very grateful for your sacrifice in building the wonderful Polytechnic for us.

To be sincere, this Polytechnic will always remind us of your kindness and generosity to the needy, you really built a lot of HOPE in so many people, in kiswahili we say:- "Mulinjenga Matumeini kwa watu wengi". In deed, the community and people of Migombani can not find a better word to express their appreciation for your sacrifice. All we can say and do is to continue praying for you people of Ireland, that our HEAVENLY FATHER, may open the gates of blessings to you so that you may continue with the good work of helping the needy.

Surely, we cannot forget to send special thanks to your humbled Bishop Willy, Fr. John, Jim, Dr. Rory, Maureen, Ann and of course the Project Co-odinator Madam Olive to mention but a few. All in all, you are just wonderful people humbled like your Bishop Willy, and you do not know how much we miss you.

The Polytechnic has been rather quiet with Mr. Mwangi doing a few chores here and there. When we look at our Nursery school Kids, they are very confortable all because of you, they have mosquito nets on the windows, fans in classes, not forgetting the painting- with this we ask the good "LORD" to remember all of you in a big and special way, blessings in abundance.

We hope to keep in touch and even long to see you again. We love and miss you and hope the "BOND" created between you and us will last for ever and ever. May be I will get a few email addresses of the project commettee members so that you can chat..
For now I have Simon Sunguri's email which is :-[] Lucy's is:- []
Bye for now
Lucy Mwaura

Easter Message

Sisters and Brothers,

My warmest greetings and good wishes to each of you from Mombasa, Kenya. As I write this I can picture so many faces of you the volunteers who came to Mombasa with the Building of Hope in January/February this year. As I conjure up so many memories I also warmly remember the thousands of supporters for the Volunteers and the project who gave us so much help. It was just an unbelievable experience for so many.

“We plant seeds that one day will grow

We water seeds already planted

Knowing that they hold future promise

We cannot do everything .... This enables us to do something and do it very well ..

We may never see the end results.....but we are prophets of a future not our own”

This is part of a prayer by Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador written a short time before he was assassinated 30 years ago for his stand on justice and human rights.

Those who came and the many who supported them must know that in the above quoted prayer you are prophets of a future not yours but for sure a future for our many young people. You have brought the parish of Migombani and the young people a bright new Easter help them rise from their poverty to a new life of Hope.

As I most sincerely thank each and every one of you who came to Mombasa and the many many supporters, parishes, and of course the leaders of the Building of Hope: - our good and dear Bishop Willie, Olive Halpin, James Lynch, Maureen McCarthy, Ann McGrath and Dr. Rory O’Keeffe,and Dr Tony Cox. I wish each of you the Peace and Joy of Easter. Be happy knowing you have done a wonderful work never to be forgotten. You have truly made “the kingdom” (of God) present for so many.

Go raibh mile mile maith agaibh...............................Asanteni sana

Fr Martin Keane