Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Building Of Hope 2012 Likoni New School and Residential Home for Blind Children

It’s Day Four the blocks are rising under the hot African sun. The first group of fifty volunteers are busy block-laying. We rise at 4.40am, breakfast, bus and on site for 6am as dawn breaks. As witnessed by the 200 volunteers from the 2010 project here in Mombasa this school and living conditions were appalling. But, thanks to the 200 Volunteers for generous giving of time and talent life will change incredible for the children here in the next few weeks. As we work together we get first-hand experience of life and living here in Africa. Again, through the generosity of the Irish people we are able to employ some local people to help with this enormous project. As the volunteers make new friends on site it is a miracle to see what can be done when people work together in a spirit of giving.

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