Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gerry O’Malley fundraise for 2012 Bernie English.

Fr Martin Keane from Cranny takes a close interest in everything that goes on in his Kenyan parish but the organisers of a special fund-raiser for the Building of Hope are a tad relieved that the latest project there does not directly involve him. “I’m not sure how appropriate it would be to hold a Vicar’s and Tart’s night for a project Fr Martin is closely involved with,” said Cree volunteer, Marion O’Malley.
When Gerry O’Malley came back from the last Building of Hope project in Kenya in Fr Martin’s parish, his wife Marion and their friends didn’t expect that he would be so moved by the plight of children he saw at another school there.
“People would ask him how he got on, probably expecting him to say ‘grand’ but instead it would become and hour long conversation – it was so interesting. I’ve never seen him so affected by anything.” said Marion.
After returning from Kenya and the building of a ploytechnic for Fr Martin and seeing conditions in the nearby School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Migombani, Gerry from Cree and two other volunteers, Michael Lillis also from Cree, and Michael Haugh from Doonbeg had all become firm friends. The three were determined to go back and make life better for the blind children.
A project like Building of Hope was always something Marion wanted to do and the three veteran volunteer’s sheer involvement and conviction that the children need a new home got Gerry’s friend, Paul Rees from Kinaboy and pal, Tina Fitzgerald from Ennis involved.
The six decided they would club together in their efforts at fundraising to reach the ambitious target of €18,000 between them and so began a series of Thursday night planning meetings.
Their first fundraiser wsa golf clasic held in Eniis Golf course on May 14 and a night of fantastic music and dance was held with the Kilfenora Ceili Band and friends at the weekend in the Auburn Lodge.
Both were a great success.
“We’de really like to thank everyone who helped or supported us. It was agreat night and people were so generous,” Marion said.
But the push dosn’t stop there and now the six amigos are planning two golf Four Ball outings, one in Spanish Point and one in Kilrush on June 18 and July 16 respectively.
And going from sport to having great sport, they are also planning a Vicar’s and Tart’s night in the Claremont Disco in Lahinch on July 29.
“Tina’s husband, Ger Fizgerald is giving us the disco and there will be music in the front bar as well on the night. We asked all the younger crew what sort of theme we could have for the night to make it a bit of fun. We got a lot of suggestions like a beach party and one of the young ones suggested the Vicars and Tarts and everyone thought it would be great fun.”
On the night, Willow in Ennis have kindly sponsered a Guess designer handbag for the tartiest tart and a Ennis Fuji Center are sponsering a digital camera for the vicar with the shiniest halo!
Tickets for the disco and registration for the Four Ball are available from Mc Carthy’s garage Milltown, from Marion at 086-2600844, Tina 085 -7645910, or by contacting any of the volunteers.

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